How to Apply For Canada Visitor Visa?

People all over the world want to visit Canada for several reasons. Canada is a hugely popular tourist destination because of several reasons. People come here for sightseeing, meeting their relatives, shopping, etc. Canada visitor visa online application is easy to file if you know where how to go about things.

What to do before you file for Visitor Visa?

·         Check whether you are eligible to travel to Canada at the moment.

·         File all the documents that are required for submitting a visitor visa application.

·         For first-time applicants, biometrics is needed.

·         Check all needs according to the COVID protocol.

Eligibility for Visitor Visa

Mentioned below are some basic requirements if you wish to get a visitor visa to Canada. You need to hold in your possession:

  • a legitimate travel document, such as your passport
  • you should be in good physical and mental health
  • you should not have any criminal or immigration-linked convictions
  • you have to prove to the immigration officer that there are solid reasons why you will return to your country such as a high paying job,  decent home, substantial financial assets, and family back in your home country
  • Also, you will assure the immigration officer that once your visa duration is over you will go back to your country
  • You also have to prove that you hold enough resources to finance your stay.
  • You will require a letter of invitation along with a medical exam

Who is not allowed to enter Canada?

Some people are not permitted to enter Canada. This connotes that they are not allowed inside the country. There can be several reasons why a person is not issued a visitor visa:

  • A person has indulged in any kind of criminal activity
  • A person has done any type of human rights violations
  • He/ she is a part of an organized crime network

There can be other reasons why someone cannot visit Canada. These can be health-linked reasons. Financial inadequacy is also a huge factor why someone cannot come to the country. Also, if you are a security threat, then also you will not be given a visa.

So, these are some of the points that you need to bear in mind if you are applying for a tourist visa to Canada. Canadapt Consulting makes sure that your wish to travel to Canada is fulfilled sans any obstacle.


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