Instead of ranting about it copying a feature

When it comes to boosters and other special effects that's the primary purpose of prayer. It's purpose is to give players special benefits and RuneScape gold value in battle that other MMOs normally offer players through tradeskills for example, crafting runes of armor to be affixed to your armor or enchanting your weapon to be more powerful or other.


RuneScape does not have that, thus it requires prayer to function as such and offer players that type of choice they'll require when the end game content becomes harder and harder (God Wars, Dungeoneering and other bosses are prime examples of this) as well as gear which will only provide a limited amount and that's why potions are getting stronger and stronger. In fact, tools and equipment (as well as prayers) were becoming too powerful in terms of PvP. That's why the absorb effects put on armor.


My point is, RuneScape needs something like an aura slot to efficiently enhance the game. It's a difficult concept to comprehend for those who hasn't gotten a 99 skill or hasn't gotten a high enough combat ability to handle challenging boss fights in which you aren't able to simply smack Protect from Range/Melee/Magic and all is well and good, but it's definitely one of the features that the game must have to be able to deliver more, challenging content in the near future.


The benefit of assigning it to a statslot is because JaGEx can say, for example, to prohibit any use of the aura slot in the Wilderness (as an instance), balancing both Boss-killing (and other high combat PvE content) and PvP.


Instead of ranting about it copying a feature that most excellent MMOs are using, maybe you'd be better off thinking about the reasons it's released and what it's aimed at instead of complaining about it. However, the issue is that the majority of buy old school rs gold players don't have enough experience behind them to percieve that.