5 Common Mistakes When Buying CBD Liquid or Oil

CBD is the non-psychoactive part of the cannabis plant and the sale of liquids and oils is increasingly popular. Marijuana has a complex composition made up of many compounds, CBD is one of them. When extracted, CBD does not contain hallucinogenic properties. Instead, it has amazingly beneficial therapeutic qualities. However, keep in mind that not all CBD is exactly the same. In this article we are going to mention 5 common mistakes when buying CBD liquid or oil and how to avoid them.

 1 – Not all CBD is the same

 Not all high quality CBD products are created equal. Your CBD can come from the hemp plant or the marijuana plant. Are they not the same? Yes and no. Hemp is part of the cannabis family, think like a first cousin. It differs from the marijuana plant. You will notice that most CBD products found in stores are hemp-derived products. Meanwhile, the CBD you find in dispensaries comes from the marijuana plant. What is the difference?

 The hemp plant is slightly higher in structure and solid compared to the marijuana plant. It is valuable for its seeds, flowers, and stem and is primarily used for cosmetics, clothing, and cannabinoid (flower-derived) contents. Hemp CBD has a low THC level. The CBD from the cannabis plant comes from certain special strains of cannabis that have a low THC count and a higher amount of cannabinoids. The CBD extracted from each plant on a molecular level is identical, but there are some important factoring differences.

 ·         Hemp CBD has less resin than cannabis CBD.

·         Cannabis CBD may contain a higher level of THC than the regulated 0.3%.

·         Hemp CBD can come in CBD isolate or the full spectrum of CBD. CBD isolate is CBD with 0% THC or any other compound found. That means it has no THC or other cannabinoids.

 2 – Low price above quality

 Buying Full Spectrum CBD Oil for a low price is always good but unfortunately not all brands are the same and of good quality. Cheap is often expensive. Check the quality of the brand you are buying. Below are some suggestions that you can check before making your purchase:

 ·         The CBD extraction method

·         The CBD/THC count

·         Where it comes from (see if it's organic or European or American).

·         If the CBD is ISO (isolated) or full spectrum. This is significant if you are looking for a THC-free CBD.

Always use these guidelines to ensure you get high quality CBD.

 3 – Blind shopping

 Some consumers are satisfied with just a little bit of information about CBD. This leaves them open to traps from shady vendors and products. Don't just buy blindly. Read the labels and get to know the product. That way, you can feel secure about your purchase and find the right brand that will work for your needs.

 4 – High expectations

 Many people buy CBD after hearing all the remarkable stories of what it can do and expect quick-acting results when that is not necessarily the case. What can CBD help with? Here are some ailments that CBD has been shown to treat.

 ·         Anxiety

·         Depression

·         seizures

·         Crohn's disease

·         Pain from arthritis, spinal cord injuries, multiple sclerosis and muscle pain.

·         muscle spasms

·         sleep disorders

·         PTSD (Post-traumatic stress disorder)

·         cancer pain

·         Inflammation

·         Glaucoma

·         Parkinson's disease

·         Alzheimer's

 Some people are disappointed in the hope of getting direct results. This goes back to not doing proper research. CBD is known to be a case of trial and error. The dose recommendation may be suitable for some and not for others.

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 5 – Not checking the extraction method

 Another common mistake does not know how companies extract the CBD. There are four main ways.

 ·         CO₂ Extract: This process uses CO₂ to extract the cannabinol from the plant. It's expensive, but it's safe, clean, and the result is a better quality extract.

·         Olive oil extract: This one is cheap but safe and will produce good quality oil, but not the purest.

·         Dry ice: A method adopted by many, it produces a low quality extract and can even damage the plant itself.

·         Solvent: It uses harmful chemicals to extract the CBD which can penetrate into the final product, so it is not recommended.

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 As a consumer, it is your right and it is also important to research what you are buying. Educate yourself and remember that your health is in your own hands.