Plots for Sale in NEST City Wah Cantt Islamabad

Plots for Sale in NEST City Wah Cantt Islamabad

"NEST City Housing" program Islamabad is a well-established community of homes located in Wah Taxila Wah Taxila, which is a Pakistani town located inside Wah Taxila. The standard features you'd expect of in modern houses are present in this home. National Engineering Science and Technology City (NEST city) is an abbreviation which refers to National Engineering Science and Technology City. The city is well-equipped with all the amenities that residents need, but it isn't completely separated from the other cities that it shares with. It's located in the eastern side part of the Taxila region and is located within gorgeous and lush green hills. It's the perfect location for those who want to live in a city and take in the peacefulness of the natural world.

A large portion (3000 acres) area is designated as housing zones. Additional 600 acres are planned to be used for educational facilities like medical and agricultural faculties at universities, colleges of engineering, as well as an all-forcecadet college. Islamabad is considered to be the capital city of Pakistan. Islamabad is home to some of the most famous hospitals. It is currently under construction or in the process of being built. It is located in the urban neighborhood's Nest City Housing Project. Wah Cantt is a playground with pools, parks along with the playground, in addition to additional areas that connect with other parts of. We look at the entire area the area of Nest city Wah Cantt. This housing policy is developed by the people who determine their social arrangement. master plans which outline zones and details about NOCs. The amenities that are luxurious offered through NEST City.

NEST City Wah Cantt Developers :

Each city across the United States is committed to offering top-quality services for public employees with their families who work in private industries. In the cities where residents live most homes accessible to residents from NEST City offer health and education services, along with wifi wi-fi, wifi and wi-fi. The NWS offers a smart-housing service known as NEST City Islamabad which is available for purchase.

The total area of 3000 acres that are reserved to be used for housing. Furthermore, 600 acres are reserved to be used for education, which includes universities, medical schools, engineering colleges and universities, engineering schools, and colleges, schools and universities and an academy for students which are an integral part of the united force. In addition, the NEST City located within Islamabad There are numerous hospitals accredited by international standards, and an existing medical center. In the NEST City Islamabad, there are playgrounds and parks. NEST City Islamabad is the perfect spot for playing areas and parks, in addition to the pool. There are a variety of sporting facilities.

NEST City Wah Cantt a NOC Approved Society :

NEST The city which is located within Islamabad is a city that is legally run with all the permits required in advance of the day when the permit is due to expire. If you're seeking to validate the legitimacy of these permits, it is possible to confirm that they're authentic. It is possible to do this by the method you choose to verify that they're genuine permit.

Government of Pakistan Registration number RF/ICT/21069-2016

SECP Inc.No.0099346,

Add. DC Order No.414ADCR-20/01/2021

PTA Lic. No.W-6-28

ICCI Reg.No.CM-2540

FBR STR No.327786138320

NTN 7263586-1,PEC Reg.No.445)