Moving cleaning in Greater Copenhagen

When you move into your new tenancy, you often have an expectation that you will receive your new home, in clean and tidy condition. For this reason, many housing associations have strict requirements on how to hand over their apartment when they are no longer renting it. If you do not have the courage for the cleaning task yourself, we can help you carry out moving cleaning of your apartment prior to moving out. However, we are also happy to help if you take over an ordinary house and are not satisfied with the cleaning at the takeover.


Avoid expensive calculations with moving cleaning


For many, it is an unmanageable task to carry out an in-depth cleaning, prior to moving out. You are already busy with the move itself, and need to be in control of everything from interior design to shopping to your new home. If you choose to let your housing association do the cleaning, you will often end up with a much larger bill than if you find a cleaning company for the task. Here we come into the picture. We have extensive experience with mover cleaning Flytterengøring, and can help you if you live in the Copenhagen area, North Zealand'


Our skilled staff is used to performing mover cleaning, and therefore knows what it takes to deliver a satisfactory result. At the same time, we as a company have a certain size which means that we can send several employees on the task at the same time, in order to be able to complete the task in as short a time as possible. This is especially useful for you who have a short time between the apartment being cleared and being handed over to the landlord.

What is good enough?

Moving cleaning can quickly become a diffuse thing. How much cleaning it takes to satisfy your housing association is very different from housing association to housing association. Even if you choose to use an external cleaning company such as us, there is therefore always a risk that your housing company thinks that the cleaning is not good enough. We have seen before examples of customers whose landlord has painstakingly gone through their entire apartment with cotton swabs, to find even the smallest flaws. Therefore, if your landlord has a desire to find fault, in order to profit from the lack of cleaning and / or maintenance, it will therefore always be possible for him or her to find fault - no matter how thorough we are.


The vast majority of our customers, however, have a fair landlord who is talkable, whereby the transfer takes place without any problems. As I said, we have extensive experience with mover cleaning, so that we know what requirements are typically set by the housing companies, so that we can adapt your offer accordingly. As a customer, you have no interest in us spending more hours than absolutely necessary, while on the other hand you want to be sure that there is enough clean for the cleaning to be approved in the end.


See the price of your mover cleaning


We know from experience that surprises often appear when we make mover cleaning. What at first glance looks like a meaningless stain can quickly turn out to take longer than expected to come to life. That is why we still offer fixed prices for mover cleaning, which gives you a clear indication of your total cost of cleaning Rengøringsservice. We work on the basis of a fixed price, which you can see on our price calculator, where everything from driving to cleaning products is included in the price. Should it turn out that we will have to spend extra time on the mover cleaning, we will talk together about this so that you always have clarity about your total costs.