What a bail bond is and what does it mean for you?

Are you aware of Bail Bonds?

Bail is basically the amount that an offender has to pay in order for them to be released. Bail bonds or Bail is used as a security or guarantee to ensure that the defendant will appear at all his scheduled court hearings. These Bail Bonds are usually issued by insurance companies, authorized agencies like Bail Bond Store and charges certain percentage of premium (1%-5%) which varies on the gravity of crime committed.

So now that you know what Bails are let us now take a deeper look into how does it work? First the accused should go to one of our agents office and submit their personal information ID , Driver's License etc, then they have updated this data entry into computer software system which is connected to the Bail office. The Bail Bond Company performs a traditional credit check on all defendants, once they are approved for Bail, Bail agents will visit your home or business anywhere in Texas to take you into custody. Bail agent can be recognized by his official brown Bail Enforcement Agent uniform so it's better to cooperate with them rather than resisting which might result into bail jumping charges (which is illegal).

It is important to note that several steps must be followed before an individual can set out of jail on Bail Bonds; first the accused should post the 10% amount of his total bail with Bail bond company then he or she has submitted themselves to the authority of their respective Bails bondsman. The Bail Bond Company can determine which Bail Bondsman will be responsible for your Bail bond while you are in jail, the Bail bondsmen must submit a Bail surety bond to set out on Bail. Afterwards Bail agent will make sure that the defendant is present at all his court hearings.

Bonds companies are licensed by the state of Texas Department of Insurance, Bail agents are also licensed by TIB (Texas insurance commission) so it's very important that you only go with knowledgeable Bails bondsmen who have this licenses because it will ensure that they are authorized to do what they do.

However even if you were able pay your bail amount doesn't mean automatically you will get released from jail, judges might keep some defendants in jail for no reason, Bail Bondsman might be busy, your Bails bondsman may not get approval (called NO BOND) at certain charge or even lack of identification documents can also prevent you from getting out of jail. So it is very important to hire a Bail agent that has a good reputation in this business and do their jobs properly.

So if you or any loved one have been accused of a crime and have been denied Bail bond contact Bail Bonds Houston TX, we are licensed Bails bondsmen in Houston Tx with years experience working in the Bails industry so you can trust us.