Hello, my name is Vlad

 Hello, my name is Vlad, and I work as an executive in an online store for engineering tools https://pakstore.ru/. Our online store allows you to browse and purchase plumbing items at affordable prices. The team was formed with a lot of enthusiasm and a desire to work. We've been in the field of heating since 2003. and as an online store since 2014. Today , the store online "PAKstore.ru" includes 12,846 products available on the catalog, over 5000 products always in stock and 1218 square meters of warehouse space and sales area 28, 28 employees

 Our aim is to satisfy the ever-changing needs of our customers by systematically making use of our capabilities. The products we offer are continuously augmented by well-known brands, manufacturing of which is spread across the globe. Our number one priority is customer care. Customers decide what and when they want to purchase. Today's online sales aren't solely about selling items. We want to provide information about technical features, brand new products, as well as other parts of the world of hygiene ware.

 We offer professional and affordable services of plumbers and detailed expert advice, quality assurance delivery and installation, connecting, and installation of the equipment and other materials bought from us. Plumbing work can be performed in any commercial area, which includes apartments, offices, hotels, cottages, stores and various commercial properties.

 Our online store is designed to allow you to locate what you are looking for. Our products can meet the needs of our clients and enable us to carry out joint or individual projects.


 We appreciate your feedback, positive or negative, and we appreciate that you've spent the time to write to us.