The Factors that Make an Office Cleaning Company Great

There are considerable differences among commercial cleaning contractors, just as there are with everything. In places like Manhattan, where there are dozens of companies, you want the best office cleaning services NYC has available. But how do you tell who cleans your office the best? First, ask for referrals from their past clients and check reviews online. You're looking for five stars and favorable mentions. Also, ask to see a sample checklist that explains all the cleaning tasks they're handling at their current clients' offices. You also want to hear mentions of trained technicians and up-to-date methods.


Eco cleaning is a particular service that's been in increasing demand along with disinfecting since the coronavirus pandemic. Better office cleaners will provide these, sometimes at a different price than more conventional services. Janitors can work in a more environmentally friendly way by selecting reusable items over disposable ones and selecting EPA-registered and gentler products (but also highly effective if they are antimicrobial). Disinfecting and sanitizing services are now in broader use throughout offices. They cover shared touchpoints and spaces to keep them safer for use by all who enter.


Excellent office cleaning works in tandem with your HVAC system, which should have sophisticated filters to help trap airborne germs and other pollutants. Dusting is a crucial cleaning function for people's health and makes things look cleaner. HEPA filtration vacuuming equipment makes a big difference for allergy and asthma sufferers as it removes dust and dust mites from surfaces and the air. If your current staff or contractor has been skipping dusting, you'll be impressed by the difference it makes when done daily. Immaculate offices are measured in many ways beyond floor care and restroom cleaning.


Workplace cleanliness has much to do with employee morale and making an excellent impression on clients who visit your workspace. When people walk into a clean office, they understand your company is serious about its business and respectful of its people. On the other hand, offices left unclean give people the impression that little is taken seriously and affects worker morale. If you do not see the results you expect from your current contractor, it's time to begin interviewing others. Better office cleaning services are out there, and they routinely charge rates in line with other companies.