Undungeon Pixel Art Sci-Fi RPG is now available today with Xbox Game Pass

We  are pleased to  announce that  Undungeon  , a  sci-fi pixel art ARPG  , is available today with Xbox Game Pass! Our team has made a great journey:  Undungeon  has been in development for 6 years. With the launch today, we're excited to see how the gaming community reacts to it.

What is  Undungeon  ? First and foremost, it's a visual experience like no other. We tried to create a world where you feel immediately at home and also like something you've never seen before. The pixelart style felt like a perfect fit for the team's ambitious sci-fi vision.

We set up a team of 13 people, 4 of them artists. Countless hours were invested in designing and animating our exquisite environments and characters by hand to make the player say, “I want to explore this world!” If we were to talk about our inspirations, Frank Herbert's "Dune" and some of the most iconic looking pixel art titles like  Moonlighter  would spring to mind.

History and knowledge are other key features we focused on as we pursued immersion. Undungeon takes place  in the Multiverse, where seven dimensions find themselves on the brink of virulent turmoil. You are empty: a messenger, a Herald created by your dimension and sent to an ancient city of Archaban to collect six seals that belong to other worlds. As you travel through space and time, the Multiverse is rocked by a devastating cataclysm of an unknown nature, leaving you stranded on a barren alien land. To find your way out of this hostile desert, you will have to communicate with the local tribes. 

To create a living, breathing universe, we focus our efforts on tradition. It spans tens of thousands of years, from ancient times, long ago, to the present day clouded by fear and uncertainty. Our game includes over 150,000 words of text and dialogue. The decisions you make while traveling can have huge consequences in the end.

Undungeon  is an action-oriented RPG game, which means it won't go down without a fight. Some hostile animals and locals are not happy with your sudden invasion of their ecosystem and will want to stop you. You'll have a wide variety of weapons at your disposal, including different grapples for melee combat and long-range tools like bombs, knives, and other deadly projectiles. The game also has an unorthodox healing system where you deploy a healing item and land a hit to recharge your HP points. Just make sure it doesn't get stolen when you need it. 

Another innovative system that our game will introduce is the organ transplant system. Loot organs from dead opponents or craft them from organic matter to give your body more powerful abilities. The Core is the main viral organ of your body that you can upgrade and customize, allowing different builds: from “tank” to applying DoT (Damage over Time) or critical damage to recruited companions. We've done our best to ensure that the character building mechanics are as in-depth as possible with a wide variety of build styles, and we expect each player to adjust their hero to the playstyle that best suits them.

Two worlds will be available at launch, as well as with the characters. Wastelands, where the Void finds itself stranded after a botched voyage to Archaban, is a windswept outback with a dry, harsh climate, aggressive fauna and strange tribes that populate its rocky wilderness. The second world, Lutenland, looks like a lush but dangerous swampland. All manner of arachnids, reptiles and amphibians inhabit this land of ancient ruins, mysteries and, inevitably, dangers.

Undungeon  focuses heavily on exploration. We are introducing a global map with random events to add the element of uncertainty and surprise to every journey.

Undungeon  is now available with Xbox Game Pass and we sincerely hope you enjoy it. Keep up todateby following us on Twitterandjoinour Discord server.