Clear Sound 911 Reviews – PhytAge Labs Hearing Supplement Results?

Everywhere we turn, there’s a sound to appreciate, whether it be the wind passing through the leaves or the laughter belonging to loved ones. The ability to hear is one way to not only connect with people but oneself and Mother Nature. Hence, the thought of potentially losing this strength with time can be damaging to one’s mental health, let alone one’s determination, motivation, and self-confidence. These feelings associated with gradual losses can be tough, and PhytAge Labs wants to help reverse them once and for all.

According to a new broadcast, PhytAge Labs recently launched Clear Sound 911, a supplement that is poised to do great things in terms of hearing. More specifically, one might find comfort in this solution because it can save individuals from spending money on surgeries and hearing aids, experiencing mental breakdowns, and feelings of isolation. Above all, the sounds that have always been a part of one’s life can slowly be regained. How? The purpose of this review is to unleash the potential impact Clear Sound 911 has in boosting hearing; let’s start by exploring its intended purpose:

What is Clear Sound 911?

Clear Sound 911 is a dietary supplement intended to restore one’s hearing. It allegedly contains ingredients that are likely to get absorbed into the bloodstream and delivered straight to the brain where the restoration process is said to commence.

Based on the claims made by the creator, PhytAge Labs, only the best ingredients were selected for this supplement, further noting that Clear Sound 911 is made in the U.S., was distilled to maximize quality, and underwent testing to ensure quality is on par. Most of all, each serving (i.e., one capsule) has the potential to prevent the destruction of crucial nutrients, can protect one against age-related hearing loss, and could go as far as reversing hearing damage.


How does Clear Sound 911 work?

As previously hinted, the Clear Sound 911 formula is meant to deliver essential nutrients that the brain can benefit from. So, why is the brain an imperative step in boosting hearing? It turns out that hearing loss is a result of a toxic chemical found in the brain. Hence, the toxin needs clearing as the first step. Following suit, select nutrients are needed to help restore the brain, while commencing the cleansing process of the auditory nerves.

The auditory nerve is deemed the eighth cranial nerve, and it connects the inner ear to the brain. Its associated pathway situated in the central nervous system is what allows for the transfer of sound signals from the ear to the cortex. So, damage can easily imply mild to severe deafness. For those who are curious, early signs of any damages to this component include ringing (i.e., tinnitus), facial numbness, and even dizziness, to name a few. These reasons explain why the auditory nerve requires cleansing.

Aside from the duo above, this supplement also targets on another area, namely, the reparation of inner ear hair cells. Hearing is deemed possible because of the thousands of tiny hair cells found in the cochlea. These sensory receptors are responsible for transforming sounds into electric signals that are then communicated through the auditory nerve, the auditory brainstem, and cortex, respectively.

Individuals can think of our hair cells as the make or break factor, because if there are no signals to send, then the auditory nerves can’t really do what they are tasked with. Most of all, if the electric signals aren’t received by the auditory nerves which are connected to the brain, there’s no way for the brain to identify them, and so, it won’t be able to translate sounds that we are accustomed to.

What’s inside every serving of Clear Sound 911?

Each ingredient found in Clear Sound 911 appears to play a fundamental role in enhancing hearing. For instance, essential nutrients including Vitamin B1 (6mg), B2 (6mg), B5 (14mg), B6 (4mg), Calcium (13mg), and Zinc (12.5mg) have all been combined to increase new hair cells production. The addition of new hair cells is believed to boost the reparation process within the inner ear.

To actually help reverse the damages caused to one’s brain, each serving is said to be composed of Rhodiola, Potassium (12.5mg), Magnesium (12.5mg), and Ashwagandha. Moreover, improved cognitive function was considered, which allegedly requires Lemon Balm, Skullcap, Hawthorn, Bacopa, Magnolia, Passionflower, and Valerian.

Together, these components are trusted to replenish nutrients that the brain is deprived of. As stated by PhytAge Labs, “This incredible combination of ingredients restores missing nutrients in the brain, allowing the plague to fall away and the hairs to regrow, repair and restore completely.”


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

What is the suggested dosage?

The suggested dosage is one capsule a day. If anyone is currently taking medications, a physician should be consulted prior to its uses. This is usually recommended to avoid any medication interference. While the ingredients are completely natural, certain medications might not sit well with them.

On average, how will it take to feel the full effects?

Ideally, individuals should arrive to a conclusion about Clear Sound 911’s effectiveness after having taken it for 2 to 2.5 months. However, PhytAge Labs insists that some of the benefits can kick in within the first week of consistent ingestion.

Is Clear Sound 911 safe?

As per PhytAge Labs, Clear Sound 911 is equivalent to taking a multi-vitamin, and because it is completely natural, the side effects are deemed minimal. That said, as mentioned above, those diagnosed with other health conditions need to do their research on medication interaction prior to taking Clear Sound 911.

Is Clear Sound 911 backed by a money-back guarantee?

Yes, Clear Sound 911 is protected by a 90-day money-back guarantee, no questions asked. If it is the case that little to no improvements have been experienced in terms of hearing, customer service can be contacted in the following ways to get going with the refund procedures:

Phone: 1 (800) 822-5753

Email: [email protected].

Address: PhytAge Laboratories, 37 Inverness Drive East, Suite 100 Englewood, CO 80112.

How much does Clear Sound 911 cost?

Each Clear Sound 911 bottle is said to contain 30 servings, so it should last a month. Initially, this supplement was supposedly priced at $120, but it is now being presented with at the following discounted rates:

1 Clear Sound 911 bottle: $69.95 each (subscription: $62.96)

2 Clear Sound 911 bottles: $59.95 each (subscription: $53.96)

4 Clear Sound 911 bottles: $49.95 each (subscription: $44.96)

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Final Verdict

Overall, Clear Sound 911 aims to rectify hearing by increasing hair cell production, repairing the damages made to existing hair cells, cleansing the auditory nerve, and enhancing brain health. To think that such work is required all because of a measly toxic chemical is quite astonishing, but at the same it, it goes to show how something perceived as being small can result in a lasting effect. Evidently, PhytAge Lab took the all-natural approach here, as the only ingredients found per serving are vitamins, minerals, and herbs.

That said, there remain some areas that need clarification. To be more precise, the supplements fact does not explicitly state what the combined proprietary blend comes out to per serving. Without this knowledge, it is unjust to evaluate the value for the price, let alone its effectiveness. With these points in mind, individuals are highly recommended to reach out to PhytAge Labs’ customer support team prior to investing in Clear Sound 911. For more information on the Clear Sound 911 formula, visit here.