6 Tips for Getting the Most Out of BBC iPlayer

If you’ve subscribed to the BBC iPlayer service, you can access a whole database of live and on-demand content easily. This digital TV service works on all of your devices and lets you view the best in British entertainment. You just have to make sure you have a decent internet connection to support streaming, and you’re good to go. Look up Spectrum internet prices and other such packages in your area to optimize your content viewing.

Furthermore, you can maximize your experience if you know how to use the iPlayer service in the best way possible. While it has a pretty straightforward interface, there are some tips and details you should know about. These will let you enjoy the experience much more, and also protect your data privacy. In addition, you can create an ideal home entertainment setup for every member of your household if you use the app properly. Here are a few tips you should follow to get the most out of your BBC iPlayer subscription.

Install the iPlayer App

While you can easily access iPlayer on your desktop or TV, you should also download the Android or Apple app for your smartphones and tablets. This will let you enjoy your favorite content on the go, and also curate your settings just the way you like them.

This app is even available for gaming consoles, such as the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, and the Xbox One Series. Furthermore, there is an app available for most streaming devices and set-top boxes like Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and many others. Therefore, you can access this service pretty much everywhere.

Download Shows

If you want to conserve your data, then you should download shows instead of simply streaming them. A one-hour HD episode approximately takes up 1.5 GB of bandwidth, so it may not be conducive to your data plans, especially if you use mobile data.

So, you should download the shows you want to watch when you have access to unlimited WiFi networks, and then you can watch them on the go without any worries.

Adjust Streaming Quality

You obviously want to enjoy the best streaming speeds possible when you’re using BBC iPlayer. However, the playback quality greatly depends on your internet connection. Slower speeds will lead to streaming at around 500 kbps, while higher connections let your stream content at up to 1.5 Mbps.

These numbers really depend on your internet connection and network speed. Therefore, if you feel your connection is not up to the job, then adjust your streaming quality to prevent buffering. However, this is a temporary solution. You should try to make sure your internet connection performs well enough to support your streaming quality so that you enjoy the best experience possible.

Manage Your Library

Your iPlayer has its own media library you can curate for your preferences. You can go to the ‘My Programmes’ tab, and view the list of shows you watch regularly. You can also manually add shows to this list for future viewing.

When you add and remove shows from this list, the services’ algorithm learns what to recommend to you. This way, you can explore new shows, as well as go back to your old favorites whenever you want.

Make Accounts for Household Members

When multiple members of your household use the service, then your content recommendations may seem off. Therefore, BBC iPlayer lets you create separate accounts for different members. You can even create one for your children using iPlayer Kids, which only lets them view age-appropriate content.

When you have different accounts, then everyone can view what they want and have their own content libraries. This keeps things organized and lets your whole household have its own entertainment setups in place. It also prevents your children from having access to content that is not appropriate or palatable for their age.

Protect Your Privacy

Like with every streaming service out there, BBC iPlayer collects your viewing data, IP address, and personal account details. If you want to stop this from happening, you can go to the menu, access the settings, and uncheck the ‘Share Statistics’ box. If you also want to protect your personal viewing data, then you can clear your history of watching TV shows.

This will help you maintain your privacy, and also prevent your data from being at risk. However, you should know that the service keeps your data confidential and protects it with the top security measures possible.


In conclusion, the BBC iPlayer service is one of the best streaming services you can find, especially for British content. Therefore, you should know how to use it to your advantage and get the optimal entertainment experience you could ask for.