Doing Coursework And How To Deliver It Like A Pro

The Internet was down, or there was a power cut!

This excuse is only viable if the coursework required research work from the internet or had to send the work through email. Then, you could say that the internet is disconnected or there was a power cut for which you could not complete the homework. However, be careful if you live in the same locality as your classmates or teachers. Especially during the quarantine period, lack of internet connection is always one of the best excuses.

I had other assignments to complete.

Time management is an essential skill that students must master, but it becomes impossible when they have too many assignments to complete in a short period. This excuse is the best one to make since other students will help with backing you up.

Here is what you can say: “I was trying to complete everything last night. But it was already bedtime, and I dozed off.” If you are confident using the lie, consider choosing a reliable online coursework writing help service that can assist you with writing quality coursework.

Here are a few things you can do:

  • Take deep breaths before going to your professor.
  • Make sure to maintain eye contact.
  • Avoid fidgeting excessively.
  1. Don’t look scared

If you look scared, it will probably mean that you are hiding something or trying to build up a lie. So, the key is to believe the story you are selling.

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