What to Expect from Lost Ark?

Lost Ark is a brand new MMORPG with action elements that we all expected for a long time. Now, when the game is already released, there is a lot of content for you to explore. So, let's see what we can see. I'll give as much information as I can without any spoilers.

1. The Story

When you first play the game, you will see a world of chaos and destruction, caused by a war between Arkesia and Petrania. You will need to restore the peace over there. You will take place in a lot of stories and will meet various characters on your adventurous way

2. Activities

Along the way, you will have to play different quests, dungeons, raids and more activities, in order to increase your character's abilities and experience, as well as get various rewards. You will see yourself, when you start playing.

3. The Good News

Well. I don't want to say more, because I think I already got your interest. The game is extremely challenging, as some tasks might be very tedious and time consuming. The good news is you always can ask for help, by ordering a Lost Ark Boost.

And don't forget to share your opinion with me, when you start playing!