How to relax in a remote job

What team-building games can be played with remote employees to get acquainted, form a team and just for fun? Here are scenarios of games that can be played remotely.


Whose office is this?

A game to strengthen relationships and networking. It is enough to be connected to the Internet and be able to exchange files. Any number of participants can play. It is useful to hold such a game some time after the first acquaintance, when the participants have already managed to work together enough to know a little about each other, about habits, characters and preferences. The game will help not to get acquainted, but to learn more about each other.

The gist of the game. Each remote employee sends a photo of his home office, and everyone has to guess who the owner is. You can send a photo of your favorite cup instead of your office, the background of your desk, show the view from the window. A photo of the office will be unsuccessful if participants have already communicated by video link and have seen corners of each other's offices.


It would seem that any team-building games should ideally be held in the personal presence of participants, and a remote game only partially covers the effect of such a pastime. But, as we see, there are games, the main highlight of which is just the geographical distance between participants. This game is an example of that - it is appropriate only for remote teams. By the way, you can diversify the game, organizing a photo with clues, etc.


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