What is RTSP and why is it necessary? Source: flussonic.com

Robotic couriers, drones, unmanned cars, and other achievements of modern science and technology no longer seem like something out of a fantasy world. They have become a common phenomenon (or almost) for us.


Built-in IP cameras allow them to “see” what is happening and we can see the world through their “eyes”. But what if we told you that the vision (IP cameras) of these high-tech creatures is based on technology that is over 20 years old?


Can you believe it? Sit back and prepare to be amazed. In this article, we tell you how technology from the 90s is still used successfully today, why there is nothing better, and why you should know more about it.


Spoiler alert: this veteran’s name is RTSP.


In this text, we will talk about RTSP, RTP, RTCP, how they exist in today’s IP cameras that support HEVC (H.265), with computer vision and analytics technology, and how they have survived to this day. So what’s so good and successful about RTSP and why isn’t it used on TV?


From: What is RTSP and why is it necessary?