California Divorce Issues & Property Distribution

Divorce processes are frequently unpleasant and emotionally draining for both parties. A couple that has created a life together will surely have difficulty selecting who gets what, making property partition one of the most contentious problems during divorce procedures. The procedure is difficult, and conflicts over minor aspects of property split can quickly turn acrimonious.


The distinction between marital and private property is perhaps the most perplexing for many persons going through a divorce. When you officially marry, certain of your assets are combined with those of your significant other, while others stay yours solely.


Many states address this issue through the concept of "equitable distribution." This approach makes an attempt to split the marital property in a fair and flexible manner. To ensure that the court is as fair and adaptable as feasible various factors must be considered, including:


Marriage duration


Custody of children


Child support


Every spouse's health


Each spouse's financial position


A spouse's job condition influences whether or not they will be granted custody of the couple's children. The sort of profession that a spouse has is assessed to ensure that their lifestyle and commitments are compatible with child care. Custody is frequently given to the other parent if a parent's employment forces them to work irregular hours or go on a large number of business trips.


This is not intended to penalize either parent for their work choices; rather, it is utilized to guarantee that the children have the greatest possible living circumstances. Because property allocation in a divorce is so subjective, it is nearly impossible to forecast the outcome. Depending on their tastes, a judge may place more stress on one element than another.


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