The best countries to move to

All of us at least once in our lives have dreamed of moving to another country. Let's take a look at a few countries. One of the best countries for immigration is considered Canada. To get there is not very easy but you can help immigration consultant edmonton (




The UAE has many high-paying jobs for young migrants. The rich country provides a good working environment, high-class housing, opportunities to raise and educate children. On the downside, there is a serious difference from Western culture. Prevail Islamic traditions and conservatism, strict rules of social behavior. Also of minuses - a difficult local language, difficult integration into society.




Taiwan's standard of living and opportunities for financial, personal, career, and family prosperity have grown dramatically in recent years. Salaries are not the highest, but life is quite cheap. To succeed in Taiwan, you need to learn the language - Mandarin or Cantonese. Knowing the language will increase the chances of a successful career. 60% of expats speak one of these languages in addition to English.




Switzerland has a high standard of living. The country is first in terms of economy. The average income of expats is a whopping $144,748. At the same time, life is quite expensive. Prices are high for everything - food, medicine, housing, education, and so on. Expats note the amazing scenery, ample summer and winter recreational opportunities, and the affordability of travel - the proximity to Germany, Italy and France makes it possible to travel there by train. High level of health care and public transportation.




Of the disadvantages of the country expats note the harsh climate and the closed nature of the people. But the country has the best balance of work and life in the world. The country is considered the best place in the world to raise children because of the low prices and high quality.




Australia has a high quality of life. The country has high wages. 75% of migrants live here more actively than at home because of the warm climate.