Masseur - what kind of a profession is this?

Mankind has been practicing massage since ancient times. At first, massage was only for warriors who had to recover from heavy fighting. Centuries later, the profession of massage has changed, so there are different types of this procedure and techniques for performing it.


Basically, this procedure is used to deal with the following problems:


metabolic deterioration;

The presence of diseases of the joints, internal organs and muscles;

the presence of excess weight, etc.

What does the masseur do?

A masseur is a specialist who conducts massage sessions for people who are indicated for this procedure. The profession of a masseur implies not only mastery of massage techniques, but also the ability to build rapport with the client.


Without these skills, the massage procedure can become unpleasant for the patient because he or she will not get proper relaxation. The masseur must be attentive, careful and able to create a pleasant atmosphere for the client.


There are two main types of massage:




The first type of massage was created much earlier, the ancient Chinese practiced massage as early as 3 thousand years BC. And in India for the first time combined the hot baths and massage, which allowed to increase the beneficial effect of these procedures. Various massage techniques have migrated to Europe from Africa and Persia. The first European country where they began to practice this procedure was Greece.


The differences between the oriental massage and the European one:


The procedure is performed not only from the center to the periphery, but also in the opposite direction.

The massage is performed not only with the hands but also with the feet.

Often the procedure is performed without the use of creams, oils and other additives - this helps to have a deeper effect on the body.


In massage practice, there are three main types of massage:




sports massage.

Cosmetic massage is a procedure that additionally affects the face, neck and scalp.


But there are also other types of massage, such as erotic massage in prague for example. Try it once and you will want to enjoy it again and again.