Exipure Review Guide Based On Customer Reviews Of The Trending Tropical Weight Loss Supplement of 2022

Exipure Review Guide Based On Custaomer Reviews Of

The Trending Tropical Weight Loss Supplement of 2022


Exipure is a tropical weight loss supplement made from natural ingredients that target brown fat levels in your body to trigger rapid waeight loss. The supplement was developed by British anti-aging and nutritional expert Dr. James Wilkins, based on the tropical formula created by Vietnamese weight loss specialist Dr. Vincent Lam. According to the spokesperson for the supplement, Jack Barrett, the formula works equally for men and women and is highly effective due to its combination of tropical ingredients. This Exipure review will give you insight into everything you should know about the supplement. So, dive right in!


Exipure is one of the best weight loss supplement pills of 2022 and has been trending in weight loss circles for some time now. Ever since it was introduced to the market, Exipure reviews have been popping up on various news and health websites. With the increase in demand for Exipure pills, there have also emerged multiple opinions from customers, medical practitioners, and health supplement enthusiasts.


Finding honest opinions, real customer experiences, and trustworthy scientific information from all this clutter can be really difficult, and also time-consuming. That’s why I’ve compiled all the information currently available about the Exipure weight loss supplement in a single review, in the form of a complete guide.

Through this Exipure Info Guide, I’ll walk you through everything you need to know before you buy the Exipure dietary supplement, including, the Exipure ingredients, customer reviews, expert opinions, and more. I’ve structured the guide into appropriate sections, allowing you to skip information that is not relevant to you.


First, here’s a quick overview of the supplement.


Exipure – Facts Overview

Product Name Exipure

Classification Natural Weight Loss

Core Ingredients Kudzu extract

 Perilla extract

 Holy Basil Extract

 White Korean Ginseng Extract

 Berberine extract from Amur Cork bark

Propolis Extract

Quantity 30 pills per bottle

Main Benefit Helps lose weight by boosting brown adipose tissue levels inside the body (BAT).

Research Team Vietnamese researcher Dr. Vincent Lam, British physician Dr. James Wilkins, and Jack Barrett.

Quality Standards Made in and GMP-Certified and FDA approved facility

 Formulated from tropical natural ingredients

Third-party tested for safety and purity.

Rating (4.7/5.0 in Trustpilot)

Major Benefits Made from pure plant-based ingredients

Triggers natural healthy weight loss

 Fights unhealthy weight gain

 Increase brown fat levels for fat burn

 Backed by scientific research and testing

 Completely non-GMO and vegan-friendly formula

Dosage Take 1 Exipure pill with a glass of water every morning

Side Effects Minimal to none reported.

Compatibility 18 and above

Pros Helps you lose weight safely and rapidly

Controls cravings for junk food

Maintains healthy appetite levels

 Boosts the efficiency of metabolism

Cons Timescale for results may vary

 May not be suitable for everyone

Restrictions Restricted for children under 18

 Restricted for pregnant or nursing women

 Restricted for those with serious illnesses

 Restricted for those awaiting surgery

 Do not overdose

Bonus Gifts 1-day Kickstart Detox ebook

Renew You Self-Help ebook

 re WExipuellness Box Further Discounts

Price Plans $59 for 1 bottle+Shipping Fee ($9.95)

$49 for 3 bottles + Free Bonuses

$39 for 6 bottles + Free Bonuses + Free Shipping

Availability Only Through official Website

Refund Policy 180-day Money-Back Guarantee

Customer Support contact@exipure


Official Website Click Here

What Is Exipure? And Does It Work?

Exipure is a novel weight loss formula made from tropical ingredients. It is designed to trigger the rapid burning of body fat by addressing low brown adipose tissue in the body. The formula draws from the research of scientists Dr Lam and Dr Wilkins. It is based on a recent breakthrough discovery published in the trusted medical journal Nature Medicine and supplemented by another study published earlier in the science journal Diabetes. The Exipure dietary supplement comes in the form of diet pills that are meant to be taken daily on a 3-month course.


One of the most common questions I’ve come across in weight loss circles is, “Does Exipure really work?”. Reports published so far and experiences shared by customers suggest that Exipure pills do work. Well, no supplement would be able to maintain trend and demand if it didn’t deliver results. Those experiencing positive results include men and women from all age and weight categories. However, the timescale for results seems to vary with each case.

How Does Exipure Work?

As per the information released by the research team who worked behind the supplement, Exipure diet pills work by increasing brown fat or brown adipose tissue levels in the user’s body to help lose body fat.


What is Brown Fat?


Brown adipose tissue (BAT), or simply brown fat, is a type of fat that makes up the adipose organ, along with white adipose tissue or white fat. Its primary function is thermoregulation, the process of maintaining body temperature. In reality, brown fat is not really fat, but rather a fat shrinker, as it burns calories from fat stored in the body, to produce energy.


The study that this supplement was based on found that overweight people seem to have low brown adipose tissue levels than white fat levels when compared to thinner people. As a result, they naturally burn fewer calories no matter what they do to lose weight; be it diets, fasting, or heavy exercise. On the other hand, thinner people have higher brown fat than white fat and hence burn more calories even if they eat a lot of junk food, which is why they struggle to put on body weight.


Now, what Exipure tries to do is increase brown fat levels in your body compared to white fat. This naturally causes more fat that is stored in your body to be burned for energy, resulting in healthy weight loss and a boost in stamina. The targeting of low brown adipose tissue levels to treat obesity is an active research field, which is why a supplement such as Exipure is way ahead of the curve.


Exipure Ingredients List

Perilla (Botanical Name: Perilla Frutescens) 90%

Oleuropein (Botanical Name: Olea Europaea) 20%

Kudzu (Botanical Name: Pueraria Lobata) 05%

White Korean Ginseng (Botanical Name: Panax Ginseng) 05%

Holy Basil (Botanical Name: Ocimum Sanctum) 2.5%

Amur Cork Bark/Berberine (Botanical Name: Phellodendron Amurense) N/A

Propolis (Concentrated Bee Propolis) N/A

Quercetin N/A

All the ingredients used in the formula are clearly printed on the supplement label. The amounts of each natural ingredient used also seem to be appropriate. The Exipure ingredients are all-natural and have been used in folk medicine over the ages. But modern research into these plants and herbs still has a long way to go.


Nonetheless, here are some of the benefits you can expect from each ingredient, as suggested by currently available scientific data:


Perilla Benefits

The first Exipure ingredient, Perilla, is an edible herb found in Asia, known for its medicinal properties. According to scientific studies, this herb is rich in phytochemicals that can give you an immune boost and has many other benefits. These include the ability to boost brown adipose tissue levels in the body, reduce unhealthy belly fat, and maintain healthy cholesterol levels.


Oleuropein Benefits

The next ingredient, Oleuropein, is a natural substance found in the olive plant. The olive plant is quite popular for its health benefits, which is why olive oil is often recommended in weight loss diets. However, according to research by The Obesity Controller, oleuropein extracted from the olive plant is even more potent as it helps boost BAT levels, regulate body fat, maintain the health of the arteries, and healthy cholesterol levels.


Kudzu Benefits

Kudzu, another ingredient in the Exipure formula, is a plant found in Asia that has been used in traditional medicine and is considered one of the fifty essential herbs of Asian medicine. Scientific studies suggest that kudzu has therapeutic, neuroprotective, anti-inflammatory, and immune boost properties. New lab studies say that it can also help enhance BAT levels, target fat cells, fight belly fat, and maintain healthy cholesterol levels.


White Korean Ginseng Benefits

Another Exipure ingredient, White Korean Ginseng, is a plant found in the mountains of East Asia. Its root is used as the source of ginseng, often used in Asian medicine. Research shows that it contains substances called ginsenoside and gintonin. Major benefits of these substances include metabolic support, a healthy immune boost, and increased brown adipose tissue levels.


Holy Basil Benefits

The Holy Basil used in the Exipure formula, is a medicinal variety of the common basil often used in cooking. It is considered a holy herb due to its medicinal properties and is used in traditional rituals in India, where it is commonly found. According to modern research by Act1diabetes, it has anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, anti-viral, anti-ulcer, and hepatoprotective properties. It is also said to target fat cells to help reduction of body fat and maintain healthy cholesterol levels.

Berberine Benefits

Amur Cork Bark is the source of the berberine used in the Exipure formula. This herb is found in Asia and is considered one of the 50 eassential herbs of Asian medicine. Research suggests that it has the ability to inhibit prostaatic contractility and hence can be used to treat urological disorders. There is already evidence that suggests it can help treat obesity and other issues relating to body weight, and also give you an immune boost. It also has antibiotic, antimicrobial, and free radical scavenging properties.


Propolis Extract Benefits

Propolis, another ingredient used in the Exipure formula, is a substance extracted from bee wax that is found on certain trees and plants. The substance has been used in Asia, Egypt, and the Middle East for its medicinal properties. Although its composition varies from place to place, on average it contains more than 300 antioxidants and can help with boosting BAT levels to fight belly fat.


Quercetin Benefits

The Exipure ingredient Quercetin is a substance found in certain types of foods and beverages such as berries, onions, green tea, and red wine. In scientific terms, quercetin is a flavanol, which has the ability to act as an antioxidant when inside your body. It can help stabilize unstable molecules and balance BAT levels. It is also said to have anti-aging properties and the ability to reduce belly fat by targetting fat cells.


Besides these individual benefits, you can also expect the ingredients to work bett