New World crafting guide: What you can make with each trade skill

If you're looking for a New World crafting guide to get you started, look no further. Now that the open beta of the Amazon MMO is up and running, you might want to check out our New World tips guide to get started. The New World beta will be available until September 12, so you don't have much time left if you want to see as many MMOs as you can.

You may also be wondering what business skills to use and what to do to get started. While this is not a detailed guide, it is intended to help you figure out what to focus on, based on your brewing goals. So without further ado, here is our New World crafting guide, including what you can do with each trading skill. If you need to buy new world coins in advance to gain huge advantage in the game, please visit SSEGold.

Crafting the New World: How to Get Started

You can start crafting as soon as you reach the first large settlement, after completing the first few missions. You will use multiple workstations to create, and these are featured during the main story. Unsurprisingly, leveling up the various trading skills will unlock better items to craft and potentially increase your performance, but you will also need better crafting stations.


Crafting Stations update as players complete missions through the City Projects board, but only if the company or guild that rules the settlement is targeting it. You can see what has been established by looking at the objectives on the project board; see screenshot below.

New World Crafting Guide - City project board showing available quests. The text "Upgrade Forge" is circled in red.

(Image credit: Amazon Game Studios)

Gathering business skills

You can collect basic materials early on, such as flint and green wood, but you will need specific tools to collect better materials. You get your first flint ax and mining pick from missions when you get to the first settlement, then you are sent on a mission to gather various resources.

You can find out where to find most resources through the Resource Locations section in the left column when you open the world map. This resource map will be particularly useful once you are doing more advanced crafts.

The gathering skills are:

Monitoring and Skinning: Meat and animal skins.

Felling: young tree, aged wood, etc.

Mining: stone, iron, saltpeter, oil and other precious metals and gems.

Harvest: Herbs, hemp and other plants.

Fishing: Fish.

New World Crafting Guide - Map Showing Resource Locations Legend

(Image credit: Amazon Game Studios)

Refining business skills

Refining business skills allow you to work the raw materials you have collected, so you can melt iron ore into iron ingots, for example.

The refining business skills are:

Leatherwork: Leather and tannins.

Joinery: Wood, lumber, planks, sandpaper.

Stone cutting: stone blocks and bricks, carved gems.

Foundry: Ingots and flux.

Fabric: Linen, satin, silk.

Building business skills

There are many craft business skills. It helps to know what you can produce with each one, so you can focus on leveling the ones you need first. It's also worth noting that each of these business skills can create repair kits.

Armory: melee weapons (not spears) and shields.

Armor: Armor (all weights).

Engineering: spears, ranged weapons, arrows, bullets, gathering tools.

Jewelry: Jewelry and gems.

Arcana: Staves, Gauntlets, Potions, and Tinctures.

Kitchen: rations, meals, fishing bait.

Furniture: Furniture for player accommodation, including trophies.