Best Google Website Tools in 2018

In this digital age the significance of data for a website or business should never be underestimated. In reality, without the right tracking of web traffic brians club the company is lost, particularly in terms of how to optimize the site and utilize it to the fullest extent.

It doesn't matter if your website operates as a personal blog, news site as well as a business or corporate website, ecommerce store, Google Analytics is considered an essential component of every website. The more you use this efficient Google software, the bigger benefit you will gain.

Google Analytics is a web analytics service offered by Google that monitors and reports website traffic. It allows you to set goals and tracking of conversions to get the most of your analytics information , and use it to improve the quality of your website's content, user experience , and optimization to increase sales on your website.

From the numerous features in Google Analytics, I think the ability to determine the medium or source of your website is one of the best website tools. Based on the data provided you will be able to know if your marketing efforts are paying off or not. This information can be a reliable basis for the next move you'll be to improve your website's performance.

Google Data Studio

For those who are new you could be overwhelmed by the volume of data shown in Google Analytics. To be frank, sometimes you just need a simple report using graphs, charts, or pie, to present the performance of your website.

Here's a no-cost tool from Google known as Google Data Studio, which provides everything you require to transform your analytics data into informative, easy-to-understand reports by displaying data.

Analytics is always a problem for digital marketing, but, Google Data Studio allows you to create customizable data visualizations and reports. Additionally, you can communicate with your clients - a huge plus especially if you are working in large groups.

A quick tip: go through Google Data Studio Gallery to duplicate their data and adapt them for your site's use. Once you have done that, you'll be able change and alter the metric according to your specific needs. Quite amazing, right?

Google Search Console

The service was previously called Google Webmaster Tools, now being rebranded as Google Search Console, this free service was created for webmasters. It lets you monitor the indexing status as well as improve the visibility of your sites.

This free tool is a MUST in search engine Optimization (SEO). The power to track your site's ranking on search engines is one of the most valuable information to comprehend what visitors are looking for from your site.

Once the website is tracked by Google and you're able to view your organic results next to the performance stats for organic search terms. This will help you comprehend how paid text advertisements and organic search results are interconnected. If you study the subject thoroughly enough you'll uncover many opportunities to find relevant search queries that have low organic traffic volume and use these keywords to optimize your site in Google AdWords. This will increase the overall amount of traffic to your site, and will be tailored to the goals of your website.

Google My Business

Are you running a brick and mortar business? If you are then this free software from Google is one of the most local SEO strategies to improve your website. Google My Business will be an extremely effective tool for companies as well as organizations to manage their online presence through Google, like Google Search as well as Google Maps.

As the percentage of smartphone users in Malaysia is expected to reach 100% by the year 2018 most Malaysians are using their smartphones to navigate, find immediate answers or surfing social media sites. Your brand and business need to be discovered online using the right information.