Steps to Fixing Your Epson Printer not printing

We will be going through the basics of why is my epson printer not printing. This will allow us to determine if it is software-related or hardware-related.

Software issues could include driver problems, Printer spooler errors, and other things. Hardware could also be an issue, which could be a cable block spring or paper jam.

Sometimes, the printer will not print because there is a tiny bit of paper stuck inside.

If your Epson printer is not printing, I recommend that you check the print spooler service.


Print Spooler Services


This is the simplest step. To do this, press Windows+R or open Run Box and type services.MSC on it. Next search for a print spooler.

Common problems are that the service isn't running. Windows 10 has made it easy to disable services and other stuff. You want to ensure that the status is set up to run. If it is running it means that the service is running. Without this, you won't be able to print.

It may sometimes be disabled or on manual depending on your system. Click OK to stop it and you'll be able to see that no service is running. You won't even be out of print. We'll just double-click on it to make sure it's set to automatic, then click on Start.


Make your printer as default


This is the easiest step. In the search box, type the control panel.

Windows 7 users can click on the windows icon to search for the control panel. After that, type Devices Printers.


Check the compatibility


You should check the compatibility of your printer with Windows 10. If it is not compatible, especially if it's an older printer, you may need to go to the website and get the latest drivers.


Update drivers


You might have faulty drivers causing your Epson printer to stop printing. Here are some steps you can take to update the driver.

Go to device manager Printer Click on Update Driver Software. Next, we will search OK. If it reports that your drivers are up-to-date, I recommend that you uninstall them and then reinstall them with a new driver.




Troubleshooting can sometimes resolve printer problems. You can do this by going to devices and printing and finding your printer. Then, right-click on the printer to find troubleshooting options. Wait for the scan to complete.

The new window will then show you the problem. If it is a print speeder or any other software, it will automatically fix it. If it is Epson printer printing not printing, you can go to the final step.


Uninstall all drivers

This is the last step to fix your Epson printer's printing problems.

Next, go to control panels and then to program . If you don't have all your drivers then you can go to the brand website. For example, if you have an HP printer, then you can go to the printer section. Here you will find a list of printers. Select your printer and then install the driver.