Office 2016 vs Office 365: What’s the difference? | Digital Software Market

Introducing Microsoft Office to your business is a prodigious choice. The features Microsoft offers increases the productivity of any organization. It stimulates the course of action of each employee and enables them to use tools that are easy to access and lessen the workload. Microsoft office is a significant alternative until you have to choose among the options, more specifically between Office 2016 and Office 365. 

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If you are wondering which one will excel your productivity suite in an enhanced manner between Office 2016 and office 365 then continue to give a look. 


Microsoft Office 2016: Microsoft users know how beneficial it is to apply this application to their business and attain productivity in a true sense. To understand how microsoft office home and student 2016 is an aid to your business you need to focus on its features.

  • Ribbon Buttons: You can easily archive your data in Outlook with a single click on the Archive Button. Two group button is available in the options to create new groups as per the requirement. You can also customize your ribbons.

  • Enhanced Collaboration: Above the ribbon at the top right corner, there is an icon for sharing and commenting. With the enhanced collaboration feature of Word and PowerPoint, you can share and comment with ease. Moreover, with the Activity Button on the Ribbon, you can also view the previous version of the documents.

  • Mentions: While crafting an email or calendar, you can grab the attention of the person required easily by using @ and then his name. Once you select the contact person from the list, his name will be highlighted and show a mention on his screen too. 

  • New and Improved Connection Options: Importing of data from SAP HANA database, SharePoint folders, and online services such as Salesforce Objects becomes handy with microsoft windows server 2016. IBM DB2 and SQL Server Database connectors have been improved too. 

  • Publishing to You can publish your documents on Google docs easily with the help of the newly added features of Microsoft Office 2016. All you need is an account on Docs which you can easily manage to create through your email or Facebook sign-in. 

  • Researcher: It is a very obligating tool for term papers and business researches. From your toolbar, select researcher and type the heading, once the result displays, you can explore the results and find which is best suited to your needs, you can cite the source directly from the researcher tool.

Microsoft Office 365: To revolutionize the working method you need to have modernized instruments in your workplace to improve the potency and productivity of your employees.

  • Real-time Co-authoring: With office 365 you can work on a document along with other people by sharing the docs file and providing access to them. Save your file to one-Drive and share it directly from the application.

  • Chat with co-workers on Office apps: Microsoft Teams in-app integration allows chat, share screens, and have audio or video conversations with your coworkers to improve the productivity of your labor and reduce confusion amongst. 

  • Inserting links to stored files: instead of sending the whole file you can easily add links to the stored files and reduce the confusion between sender and receiver. While writing an email you can insert links to related and required files instead of adding attachments. It is a more contingent method to use.

  • Power Map in Excel:  Data visualization in excel can be more powerful and interactive with Power Map and Power BI. Turning rows of data into maps is possible which includes filtering of data with three different filters; List, Range, or Advanced. 

Introducing your workspace with Microsoft features is a confined method but you need to choose the best version that is suited to your employees and working methods.