Drift Hunters: The Best Drift Game On Mobile

Drift Hunters: The Most Famous Drift Car Racing Game on the App Store

You might have seen those crazy, illegal drifts in the latest racing games — or maybe you’ve just seen them happen in real life. While it might look completely insane, drifting is actually a very complex skill that takes years of practice. Well, that’s where Drift Hunters comes in! Drift Hunters is the most famous drift car racing game on the App Store, with over 50 million drifts played and 4.5 stars rating. The goal of the game is simple: get your drift car to the finish line without touching the walls. The path to victory is harder than it seems, though: you’ll have to master drifting and perform drifts perfectly to earn points. The more accurate your drifts, the more points you’ll score. The winner is the driver with the most points after three rounds. The first round is the shortest, so you’ll want to get through that one first. If you can complete your first round perfectly, you’ll unlock the next one. Good luck!

Drift Hunters features:

Awesome hand-drawn graphics

4 challenging paths to unlock

Stunning retina graphics

4 unique tracks to race on

Original soundtrack and sound effects by an awesome indie group of musicians

Achievements and leaderboards to keep you coming back for more

10 million people have played Drift Hunters already!