What First To Do In Elden Ring: Best Route, Weapons, And Important Map Places

Elden Ring is available, and even in comparison with Dark Souls or Bloodborne, it's extremely easy to get lost. Yes, there are beams of light to help you, but the open world is vast and filled with obscure areas that, without a few tips about Elden Ring Runes what you should do the first time in Elden Ring, you can easily be lost and devastated by a horde of extremely massive monsters. Make use of these tricks nevertheless, and your things will become a lot more enjoyable.

The gold dust that floats at your very first Site of Grace pushes you towards this direction. However, make sure to visit this Church of Elleh as soon as you can. It's an ideal base for all of you West Limgrave activities and the hub for a number of important events. Just make sure to give the Tree Sentinel a wide berth unless you're feeling lucky. The boss can be defeated after upgrading your weapon once or twice.

Discover The First Map

Elden Ring is happy to let you wander aimlessly and not even tell you how to find maps, but the West Limgrave map is situated near the Church. Take a northerly route until you spot the ruins of stone buildings (the barracks) ensure that you're at full health. We recommend stealth to deal with the soldiers inside since it's possible to be overwhelmed very quickly.

There's a stele in the road that is just outside the barracks. Engage with it to get the first fragment of map. You may need to time your interaction with care, as there's a powerful soldier with a polearm patrolling the road.

With a few exceptions, the process of interacting with the monuments is the way to obtain maps throughout the region. The empty West Limgrave map hides the monument's icon, however it's visible from other maps.

Get the Spirit to Call the Bell

After you've activated the 3 Sites of Grace and met Melina for the first time, quickly return into your Church of Elleh. You'll notice Kale the merchant is asleep The area is completely surrounded by fog. A radiant blue female is in the vicinity.

This is Ranni who is the witch. Contact her to receive the Spirit Bell and unlock Spirit Ash summons. The ashes can be used to summon various support NPCs into battle, ranging from a band of wandering sorcerers , jellyfish to wolves. Spirit Ashes can be upgraded later, and using them is essential in some boss battles, like the very first boss outside Stormveil Castle.

Find Stormhill Shack

The route that leads to Stormveil Castle opens up once you've passed through Stormgate. When it is, turn left then head east until you reach the small structure. Roderika the girl in the shack, is an unofficial guide to the side quests in Elden Ring. You can talk to her several times and you'll realize she's interested in Chrysalid items. Talk to her again to obtain an item called the Jellyfish Spirit Ash.

There's the Chrysalid at Stormveil Castle, which you can return to Roderika. If she's not at Stormhill Shack, she'll be near Roundtable Hold. When you've defeated the second main story boss, she'll help upgrade Your Spirit Ashes.

This is an excellent strategy to deal with any NPC who doesn't want to harm you. Make multiple calls to them If they're in the Roundtable Hold, check back after major story events to see what's changed the NPC.

Go to the Dragon-Burnt Ruins, but don't Burn yourself

On the south shore of Agheel Lake, there is a collection of ruins known as The Dragon-Burnt Ruins. Many weak enemies are found in the area, making it a decent spot for some early-game Rune farming. There are two staircases leading to the bottom of the ruin.

The northern part takes you inside a cave with rats, and the treasure chest is a trap that transports the player to a far more challenging location. The southern part is behind some high walls which will require Torrent to leap over. It takes you to a tiny chamber that houses a chest containing the Twinblade it is an ideal weapon for classes that value the strength.

Battle Bloody Finger Nerijus

Elden Ring includes some scripted Invasions where antagonistic NPCs attack in fixed locations. Go north along the river out of Agheel Lake, and continue until you are able to go. There will be an announcement that Bloody Finger Nerijus was invading. Be vigilant and attempt to avoid his attacks, as they result in Bleed. A friendlier NPC will be with you to keep you from Nerijus, letting you take on (mostly) without fear of retribution.

When Nerijus is defeated, you'll receive the Reduvia Dagger. It increases with Dexterity and Arcane, and while it isn't as powerful in power, it makes up for by letting you inflict blood on foes. Even when your Arcane stats are a little too low, you'll be able to make use of this weapon and it's effects.

Get Margit's Shackle

Murkwater Cave is near the place where you will fight Nerijus. The dungeon is a brief one that is followed by a final battle with Patches, one of the Tarnished merchant. He begs you to spare Patches at the end of the battle - and you should. Get out of the area, take a rest in an Site of Grace, and go back to purchase useful items from Patches. There's Margit's Shackle. It's a special item that can be used twice in the initial boss battle to lock Margit in place for a few seconds. It has a steep cost of 5,000 Runes, though.

Visit the Limgrave Tunnels

Upgrading weapons is essential for a successful upgrade, and to do this you'll need Smithing Stones. Nearly all regions have at the very minimum one mine or "tunnels" dungeon, where you'll discover Smithing Stones both in the surrounding environment as well as as loot from your enemies. Melee classes should be cautious, however. The enemies of Limgrave Tunnels can withstand most physical attacks, but are susceptible to magic.

Brave to the Waypoint Ruins

If you fancy investing in your Intelligence stat You can locate a Glintstone Sorcerer in the Waypoint Ruins on the eastern edge of the West Limgrave map. The ruins are swarming with deadly plant monsters, including one that showers holy lightning. Take out the small ones, andwhen you have cleared the path go down the stairs into the ruins.

In this fight, you'll be facing the Mad Pumpkin head boss though it's not a difficult fight. The Mad Pumpkin is the ability to hit three times. He hits with his flail after which he strikes with his fist. He then uses his flail once more, and the sequence usually starts whenever you're close to the Mad Pumpkin. Dash away to avoid hit, then rush into the area to strike. He also occasionally slams his head against the ground.

You can enter the next room after that you have defeated Mad Pumpkin Head to meet Sellen the sorceress. She offers basic Glintstone spells and, if you're able to bring one of her Glintstone Craftsman Cookbooks, she'll grow her collection.

Locate what is the Flask for Wondrous Physik

The Northeast part of the Waypoint Ruins is another church that is that of the Third Church of Marika, which is an extremely important one. Make contact with the statue at its center and you will get the flask of Wondrous Physik and two starter crystals to mix effects. As opposed to Tear Flasks, the Flask of Wondrous Physik is a multi-purpose bottle based on which crystals you add.

Some effects boost your charged attacks, for instance, while others grant a long-lasting endurance boost. Making the right mix at the right time could make a major difference to your odds of survival, making this a must-have item as early as you can.

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