Common Myths about Airport Limo Services in Burlington

When most people imagine a limo, the picture that comes to mind is of a long luxury vehicle with a party going on inside. That’s because most of the time we see limousines in a movie when a bunch of friends get a ride to a bachelor party or expensive gala. But the truth of the matter is that our limousine Burlington taxi service is not restricted to VIP events.

And most limos are indeed luxurious but not nearly as large as the small houseboats of wheels we see on the screen. Moreover, the Burlington airport limo is among the preferred means of travel to or from the airport these days.

It is a comfortable high class yet affordable means of travel that is made accessible to the wider public on their next vacation or business trip. Placing it only a small step higher in accessibility above the Burlington taxi.

Connecting The People To The Limousine

So how is it that so many people perceive it as something unreachable or reserved only for rock stars and the super wealthy? The answer is an abundance of myths and misconceptions.

Which we are going to debunk in this article.

Debunking The Burlington Airport Limo Myths

What are the most common myths regarding the limousine?

The Limousine Burlington taxi service is Expensive

While they indeed cost more than your average Burlington taxi, the limo is actually far more affordable than you might think. And the extras you get in return are more than worth it. Free Wi-Fi, smartphone chargers, television and high-end music systems are the main but not only features of the limo that many of our passengers really appreciate.

Riding a Limousine is Not Entirely Safe

This of course also stems from the stereotype of an open interior with a party going on inside. The truth is a modern everyday limo is just a luxury car, with all the safety features of its simpler counterparts. Seatbelts, airbags, the whole kit. If anything, it’s safer because of the extra cushioning on most surfaces.

Limo Vehicle Choices are Rigid and Limited

Also based on stereotypes, it is often perceived that a limousine is either a huge boat sized affair or a stuffy black or white car. Those are used by dignitaries and are also seen on television and the news. But the limos offered by our Burlington taxi service are much more varied.

Our limousines come in many shapes, sizes and colours, ranging from sedans, SUV’s, wheelchair accessible vans and more. All outfitted to be comfortable and stylish for a perfect luxury ride.


We hope this helps clear things up about the options we have on hand when you choose the limo Burlington taxi service. For more detailed information about our price list and vehicle options, please visit the Aeroport Taxi website. We look forward to your trip with us!