Oxford, England, United Kingdom

Discover Oxford's Pinnacle of Style: Stand Salons

In the heart of Oxfordshire, Stand Salons emerges as the epitome of grooming excellence, catering to both men and women seeking the best in salon experiences.

Best Men's Salon in Oxfordshire

For the modern man who appreciates refined grooming, our Best Men’s Salon in Oxfordshire stands as a beacon of sophistication. Our skilled stylists master the art of tailored cuts and contemporary styles, ensuring every client leaves with a look that exudes confidence.

Best Women's Salon in Oxfordshire

Step into elegance at our Best Women’s Salon in Oxfordshire, where innovation meets tradition. From chic cuts to vibrant color transformations, our expert stylists are dedicated to enhancing the beauty of every woman who walks through our doors.

Top Beauty Salon in Oxford

Elevate your beauty routine at Oxford's Top Beauty Salon, a sanctuary where trends meet timeless elegance. Our range of services, from rejuvenating facials to precision waxing, is designed to accentuate your natural beauty, leaving you refreshed and radiant.

Nail Salon in Oxford at Stand Salons Oxford

Indulge in the ultimate nail care experience at stand salons oxford, the go-to Nail Salon in Oxford. Our skilled technicians transform nails into works of art, offering a spectrum of services from classic manicures to intricate nail designs.

At Stand Salons, we redefine grooming with a commitment to excellence, ensuring each visit is a journey into unparalleled style and sophistication. Elevate your salon experience in Oxfordshire with us.

18a New Inn Hall Street
Oxford, OX1 2DW, UK
Tel: 01865 204817
Email: [email protected]
Opening Hours:
Mon – Thurs : 10:00-18:30
Fri : 09:00-18:30
Sat : 09:00-18:00
Sun : 11:30-16:30

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